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The Virtual STEAM Fair Has Expanded: It Will Now Run the Rest of the Year

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Over the past few years, STEAM night has been a night full of activities and our “Science and Engineering Fair”. This year, we will still have activities and the Fair but have modified them to occur at home. The purpose of the STEAM Event is to provide an opportunity for students to think critically and combine math, science, art, engineering and reading skills.

The STEAM tab of the PTA website links you to STEAM Activities and STEAM Fair Projects. The STEAM activities have several science, engineering and art activities for students to complete at home. These activities are similar to what we would do at one of the STEAM night tables. PTA can provide supply materials as requested for any of these activities.

The STEAM Fair Project tab has information on completing Science, Engineering or Art "projects". This portion is similar to the Fair and presentation boards at STEAM night. Completion of the STEAM Fair projects takes a little more time in planning, execution, evaluation and presentation. We are also adding art into this year’s fair to inspire creative thinking along with STEM projects and ignite students’ imagination and creativity through the arts. PTA representatives can assist with finding a project with each child and/or providing materials to complete the project. The STEAM fair will run for the remainder of the year so you can participate when it fits into your life. Contact Tricia at if you have questions about the Virtual STEAM Fair.

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