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It's a Chambers Read-a-Thon and Book Fair!

We are excited to announce two school-wide events to celebrate reading, both of which run April 12-25. Let's see how much reading our Champs can do!


This is a terrific new event for our school that encourages students to read and raises funds at the same time! It's easy to set up a page for your Champ to log their reading minutes and collect donations. We'll be keeping an eye out to see just how much reading you can do over the next two weeks!

  • Follow this link to sign up your student:

  • Let your family and friends know they can cheer your student on by making a quick one-time donation online.

  • Log your student's reading minutes on their page!

  • Go online to help your student order prizes (value based on the amount of funds donated in your student's name). Prizes will ship directly to your home.

  • Every Chambers student will receive a gift bag celebrating the fun of reading!

Funds raised through the Read-a-Thon will go toward PTA-supported events and activities for the whole school. We're really looking forward to being able to come together again next year and are planning some awesome activities.

Scholastic Book Fair

Thank you for supporting all our students in their reading efforts! If you have any questions please email Sarah Bridges at

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