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Help a Neighbor PTA

We have a unique opportunity to help a fellow school in our area. Reed Elementary School in Tacoma is being gifted with a community volunteer led school makeover. Currently, the PTA is staffed with only one volunteer that does everything and they are in desperate need of supplies and support. If you would like to donate some supplies, please see their Amazon Wishlist for items needed. You don't need to buy through Amazon- if you have any second-hand items that would fit the bill, those are welcome, too!

Needed are items such as:

  • 3 inch binders

  • Easel chalkboard with chalk

  • Cash counter

  • Plastic storage containers, shoebox and document size

  • Small prizes for future events and fundraisers

  • Balloons and ribbon for future events

If you'd like to donate, please contact Nicole Jovich at for more information and a location to drop off the items. Items are needed by March 31.

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