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Get Your Student Ready for a Change

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Next Tuesday will be the first day of the second semester, and a new schedule for our Chambers Champs. The students who will be going back into the classroom on a hybrid schedule will see the most changes, but things will be different for everyone, no matter what option you've chosen. This week we'll be giving you tips about how to ease your child's transition into school- no matter what it looks like for you!

Tip #1: Be sure to check your email and home mailbox this week. Details about the upcoming semester transition will be showing there soon! This includes your child's schedule and teacher. Even if your child remains in the same block, the times will be earlier than before.

Tip #2: Now is a great time for your student to start practicing wearing a mask for longer periods of time. Start with brief stints, slowly adding on more and more time. When students are on campus, they will need to wear their mask the entire time they are there, plus on the bus if they take one.

Tip #3: Find appealing and comfortable masks. Does your student have a mask that they like? Is it a cool pattern that they want to show off? Is it the right fit? Sometimes it takes out trying a few different masks to find the one that fits most comfortably. Once you find a mask you like, make sure you have multiples! The CDC recommends that masks are washed after each use.

Tip #4: Has your student practiced social distancing yet? There will be lots of markings on the ground to show a 6-foot distance. Try putting down a tape measure in your house and have people stand at the 0 and 6-foot measurements to show just how far apart that is. Brainstorm with your student: What are some games you can play outside at recess and still keep a 6-foot distance?

Tip #5: This applies to ALL students, not just those going back to campus. Starting February 2nd, all AM/PM schedules will shift time.

  • AM - 7:50-10:20

  • PM - 11:10-1:40

Now is a great time to start getting into the routine of waking up earlier.

Tip #6: Part of the TPCHD Guidelines for reopening school, is that if a student or staff member is showing any COVID sign or symptom, they should stay home. Do you have a plan in place in case your student is sick and needs to stay home?

Tip #7: If your student shows COVID signs or symptoms at school, they will be assessed by our nurse to determine if they need to go home. Make sure your emergency contact list is updated so other family members or grown-ups can pick up your student if you aren't available.

Tip #8: Another important health and safety behavior is covering sneezes. Does your student know that if they need to sneeze, they should sneeze into their elbow? Even when wearing a mask!

Tip #9: Breakfast and lunch will be a “grab and go” system, students will not be eating on campus. Now is a great time to get into the habit of eating breakfast or lunch before your student leaves for school.

Tip #10: While there will be cups available at drinking fountains, students can bring a water bottle to school. We recommend that you label your student’s water bottle with their name, and wash it every day after school. Do you have a water bottle your student likes yet?

Tip #11: Your student will have a change in classmates and possibly a new teacher, no matter what learning option they've chosen. Give them time to get used to this change and talk with them about it. Your students' teachers have been discussing these upcoming changes with them as well and working hard to make sure they feel supported and ready to keep learning.

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