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October 3rd, 2022 Principal Newsletter

Upcoming Events

  • September 30th: Last day to complete grade level t shirt sizes form for PTA (

  • October 5th: Late Start Wednesday (9:15am)

  • October 3rd-17th: PTA Fall Fundraiser Catalog Sales with BelieveKids

  • October 14th: No School (Staff Professional Development Day)

  • October 15th: PTA Popsicles & Play at Chambers Primary School playground (10am)

  • October 18th: PTA Bliss Takeover October 19th: Unity Day - wear orange in support of National Bullying Prevention Month

  • October 24th-28th: Conference Week 12:15pm Early Release (no Wednesday late start this week)

  • October 28th: PTA Trunk or Treat/Fall Festival @ 5:30pm/Book Fair Open

  • October 28th-November 5th: Scholastic Book Fair

  • Click here to see our spirit days throughout the school year


Principal’s Message

Thank you for another great week at Chambers! There is quite a bit of information to share this week, so please take time to review it all.


Mrs. Gann

Handbook Reminders:

We have seen an increase in students bringing toys to school as well as clothing
that does not meet our UPSD primary school expectations. A friendly reminder to please leave toys at
home and ensure students are dressed ready to learn. View our student handbook for more

DRESS AND APPEARANCE: Student dress must not present any health / safety concerns and may not detract from a positive educational environment. Please note, we ask students to wear close-toes shoes to participate in PE. The following are not allowed:
● Clothing/accessories with unacceptable symbols, words or pictures, specifically anything that contains profanity, racist or inflammatory messages, or items that promote drugs, alcohol, violence or gang activity.

● Hats, visors, hoods, bandannas, and sweatbands are not allowed to be worn in the building.

● Tops and shirts which display bare midriffs and plunging necklines.

● Excessively short skirts, shorts, or dresses which are higher than "fingertip" length. 

● Sagging pants. Undergarments must not be visible.


From our UPSD Athletic Coordinator: Hello future Viks and families, we are excited to welcome you to Curtis High School for our athletic events this school year. You can find the most up to date schedules at Our goal is to provide a fun and safe environment for all of our athletes, coaches, officials and fans. Please be aware that all school rules apply at these events. All primary and intermediate students must come with a responsible adult. Student backpacks are not allowed and all students are expected to remain in the stands during the game. We look forward to a GREAT year and Go VIKS! Thank you in advance for helping us have the BEST game day experiences! We can't do this without your help and support


Monthly Specialist Update
Kindergarten: Kindergarteners are off to a great start in music! They have learned their assigned spots, classroom expectations, and they are doing a great job following directions. Students are showing high and low with movement, echoing melody patterns, moving to the steady beat, dancing while maintaining control of their bodies, and practicing using the 5 different voices: singing, speaking, calling, whisper and inner voice. Music class also supports overall learning by practicing colors, counting, and letters.

1st Grade: All of last year’s hard work really shows in 1st grade. These students are already reading, writing, and composing rhythms, identifying high/low, loud/soft, and fast/slow, and learning the difference between beat and rhythm. A few favorite songs so far are Dooby Doo, Snail Snail, Choo Choo Train, Apples and Bananas, and the poem Grandma’s Glasses.


2nd Grade: 2nd grade is ready and eager to continue learning new rhythm patterns! We finished the 2nd grade rhythm writing and reading/performing pre-assessment. Students will begin learning about the half note and half rest. Singing continues to be a strong skill for these students. We learned the song Mi Chacra (My Farm) from Argentina. Students learned the names of baby animals in Spanish, and they accompanied their singing with a variety of classroom percussion instruments. A new favorite song of theirs is Banana Phone by Raffi.


3rd Grade: These amazing students were great singers in 2nd grade and they continue to amaze me as
they prepare their songs for the Veterans’ Day Program that will be held at the school on Tuesday, November 8th at 7pm. Mark your calendars and invite family, friends, neighbors and most importantly Veterans! Students are committed to learning the songs, lyrics, and movements. I created this Google Site for easy at-home practice (just try not to listen, as we want to wow you at the performance):

4th Grade: 4th grade started the year with a few fun songs. We learned Hi-Ho The Rattlin’ Bog, a cumulative song about fauna and flora of the Irish bogs. We also learned a very old song and dance called the Alley Alley Oh. Students learned how to make a human knot while singing the song. It was a big hit! 4th grade is now currently learning how to identify both aurally and visually the instrument families of the orchestra. We will soon be starting a unit on Benjamin Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra.


This month all students worked on spatial awareness and team building skills. The gym is a new experience for K-2 and safety is our first priority. 1st-4th grade students have enjoyed learning Parachute games, Space Tag and Jurassic Park Tag, and relay races. Kindergarten students have enjoyed music and movement songs, learning ordinal number order (who is before after and between in line).


Our bulldogs have been super busy in the library getting back into the swing of things. Our lessons this month have focused on library rules, how to care for books, and the organization of the library. Grades 2-4 have also learned about the Chambers Reading Challenge. Students have been able to take a peek at the 2023 Sasquatch & Otter nominee titles that will be used for this program. They are super excited and can’t wait to get their hands on the books! These titles should be arriving in our library soon, but can also be found at any Pierce County library or local bookstore. You can read more about the program here.

Mark your calendars and watch for more information to come on our fall book fair taking place October 28 - Nov. 4th.

Assistant Principal’s Message

Hello Chambers Families!

Attendance Update:

When we talk about children who are chronically absent, we’re talking about students who miss 10% or more school days, or a total of 18 days per school year. Missing just two days per month has been shown to negatively impact children’s academic performance and equate to that 10% over the course of the school year.. Regardless of the reasons for them, absences add up. We want to help you understand that when a student is absent it affects your child. It can take as many as three to four days for a child to catch up after missing only one day of school.


Social Emotional Learning Update: Next week we start our newest character trait, perseverance. We will learn what it means, how it will help us, and how we can do it! Learning happens best when it is done both at school and home. Below are many ways to help your student learn about the theme of perseverance by reading about it, talking about it, and practicing it.


I look forward to watching our students dig into this trait and make their connections. We define perseverance as pushing yourself to work through challenges.

 ● Read About it! Click on the titles for a read-aloud version of the story.


Practice it!

 ○ Help your child to learn to persevere by engaging in difficult tasks with him/her. Attempt a large puzzle, or learn and            perfect a new skill. Find something to do together and commit to pushing each other through the challenges.

 No giving up!

Talk About it!

 ○ Here are some discussion points to help you talk about perseverance with your child:

 ■ What do you think perseverance means? Why is it important?

 ■ Tell me about a time when it was hard to get through a challenge. How did you feel after?

 ■ What are some things that are hard for you to push through, and how can I help you?

 ■ What are three goals you have? What might be some challenges you face in meeting those goals? What will                    happen if you don’t give up?

We will continue to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month next week, and I wanted to share some excellent family resources with you.


Chambers Primary PTA

1) Monday, October 3rd, is the official start of our Fall Fundraiser Catalog Sales! This is a central fundraiser for the PTA as proceeds from the catalog sales are used to fund field trips, guest speakers, classroom materials, teacher appreciation, and more! Your child will be sent home with a catalog on Monday, October 3rd. Please follow the instructions enclosed in the packet to set up your child's online account and share, share, share to encourage family and friends to purchase from the catalogs. Please email with any questions!


2) The school is seeking volunteers to assist with Health Screening on October 20, 2022. Volunteers are needed to direct students and collect forms. LPNs and RNs are needed to help conduct vision and hearing screening. Please sign up at . To be cleared to volunteer you must also establish yourself with the district at The district requires that all volunteers participate in a background check (ensuring volunteers have not been charged with child endangerment or other violent crimes).


3) FACE is the Family and Community Engagement committee of the Chambers PTA. We are putting together resources for families on the PTA Chambers website and would love to gather information for your knowledge from the community. This data will help other families in the area. Please take the survey below to ensure the PTA is best prepared to serve you. L5dZMfCcLypN4wg/viewform?usp=sf_link 


4) We are excited to announce we added a translation feature on our PTA website for commonly spoken languages at Chambers. This was done as part of our efforts to make the PTA and school information more accessible to everyone. We will also be posting the weekly Principal Newsletter on the website as well. Check it out: Chambers Primary School | Chambers Primary PTA | United States


Chambers Primary PTA


OCTOBER 3 - 7, 2022

Shop and raise money for the Chambers Primary students, staff, and families

Packets and information will be sent home with students on Monday, October 3rd. Register your students, share the link., and encourage your gamily and friends to purchase items.

Visit to register and get your custom link to share and shop

Contact with questions

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