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December 5th, 2022 Principal Newsletter

Upcoming Events

  • December 7: Late Start Wednesday 9:15am

  • December 11: PTA Virtual Cooking Class

  • December 14: Late Start Wednesday 9:15am

  • December 16: 11:10am dismissal / Spirit Day (see below for details) / PTA Planning survey due

  • December 19 - January 2: Winter break/no school

  • January 3: Return to school

  • Click here to see our spirit days throughout the school year


Principal’s Message

What an adventurous week we had! Tuesday gave us just enough snow that kids were able to play outside during recess and I love their creativity in building a wood chip snow creature. Our recess supervisors did a great job of helping students play safely and enjoy the snow. We have a built-in snow make-up day in our school calendar and there will be more communication later on regarding the missed day of school on December 1st.

Warmly, Mrs. Gann



Picture retakes are on Wednesday, 11/30. Order forms are available in the office if needed.

Friday December 16th, Tis the Season

It is the day before Winter break! Celebrate by earing your most unique holiday sweater, holiday hat or winter hat. 

You may also choose something to represent a holiday culture from a different part of the world!


Monthly Specialist Update


This month Kindergarten and 1st grade students focused on building their core (stomach) muscles. Each week students had a core building warm up exercise. Students would lie on their stomach on the scooter and use their arms and core muscles to up bean bags and place in buckets scattered throughout the gym. They have also participated in team building games.


2nd-4th focused on throwing to a target /throwing to a target with opposition. All students participated in several team building games. These team building activities allowed them to rotate duties, throw to a target and plan strategic goals with team members.


★The Challenge Program has been working hard the last four weeks to research books, sing-a-longs, online games, art activities, and so much more related to the winter. They then used what they found to create a winter choice board to share with our Chambers Family. I am so proud of their work! Feel free to look at their work here.

★This month we are focusing on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) read alouds. A STEAM read aloud is a book that is read before a STEAM activity to provide a context for the challenge. The purpose of the STEAM read aloud is to provide students with background knowledge for the challenge as well as to set up the problem that students are going to be solving.

The following books were chosen as the STEAM Read Aloud to support classroom learning:


  • Kindergarten - Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner. After reading this book aloud, students will create a sled for a snowman using popsicle sticks, straws, and pipe cleaners. The week before break, students will race their sleds to see which one has the least amount of friction (a new vocabulary word :) )

  • First Grade - How to Hide an Octopus and Other Sea Creatures by Ruth Heller. After reading this story, students will learn how animals protect themselves from predators. The week before break students will take on the role of a predator and hunt for camouflaged and non-camouflaged animals.

  •  Second Grade - The Shortest Day by Wendy Pfeffer. After reading this story, students will learn the science of snowflakes and be able to describe the many different types. The week before break, students will create as many unique snowflake designs as possible using only toothpicks and marshmallows. The snowflakes must be realistic and include aspects of real snowflakes, such as having six sides.

  •  Third Grade- Warriors: A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne. After reading, the kids will learn about the history of catapults. The week before break, students will design and create a physical model of a catapult. They will also take turns launching “stones” (Whoppers) and measuring the distance. The team that launches the Whoppers the farthest will be declared the winner.

  • Fourth Grade & Challenge- Caravan by Lawrence McKay. After reading this book, students will work in teams to design a model of a caravan vehicle using simple machines. The STEAM team must decide on two simple machines using planning pages and incorporate them into their design. Then Students must come up with at least four supplies they will bring on their 30-day journey across the Arabian Peninsula.

So, why STEAM in the library?

1. STEAM promotes the library collection.

2. It Introduces fundamental concepts & skills.

3. STEAM Facilitate interest in STEAM.

4. It promotes love of the library.

These STEAM read alouds and activities are sure to be a hit! Take a minute over the next couple of weeks and ask your students what they have learned.


November Music Class Highlights

ALL STUDENTS: November is Native American Indian, Alaska Native Heritage Month. All students listened to the book, Pow Wow Day. Author Traci Sorell is a member of the Cherokee Nation, and illustrator Madelyn Goodnight is a member of the Chickasaw Nation. Students listened to Crow Hop (drumming and singing) by the group Northern Cree. We watched a short National Geographic clip about the largest Pow Wow gathering in North America. Students also learned what the drum beat represents, the meaning of gathering together to dance, regalia (traditional clothing and adornments), intertribal powwows, and the different styles of powwow dances such as traditional, fancy, hoop, grass, and jingle.

Kindergarten: Students have been focusing on loud/soft and fast/slow. We learned the fun songs, Take My Little Car for a Drive, Grizzly Bear, and a cute, finger play song called Tommy Thumb that helps students to develop finger dexterity essential to learning good writing skills or to learning to play the piano or ukulele. Students also learned about the tango, a ballroom dance of Latin American origin, and they learned to sing and dance The Turkey Tango! Kindergarteners also loved getting to play the Boomwhackers.


1st : Students continue working on steady beat. The song, Bounce the Ball, helped students learn to read music and sing using the pitches mi, sol, and la. They enjoyed getting to sing the song while bouncing a ball to help reinforce steady beat. We continued this work using the singing game, Cuckoo. The class sings the question, one student is seated with their eyes closed, and one student sings the answer. The student with their eyes closed guessed which student sang the answer while I assessed students on individual singing, matching pitch. 1st graders also have enjoyed playing the Boomwhackers.

2nd : Students have been working on identifying and reading notes on the staff using the pitches sol, mi, and la. They have really enjoyed playing Poison Melody and echoing melody patterns. Students learned the song, If I Were a Sparrow, which helps students practice singing sol, mi, and la. Students really enjoyed the game song, Doggie, Doggie. This game gave students the opportunity to sing alone while one student guessed who the singer was, and it gave me the opportunity to assess students on individual singing, matching pitch. 2nd graders continue their work on identifying, writing, reading and performing rhythms using quarter notes and rests, and paired eighth notes.


3rd : Wow! I just want to congratulate the students on their fabulous Veterans’ Day Performance! Thank you so much for the incredible turn out to the evening performance. I am so lucky to work with these amazing students. 3rd graders have jumped right in to playing instruments. They enjoyed learning the folk song, Over the River and Through the Woods and added instrument accompaniment using the temple blocks, whip, and sleigh bells.


4th : 4th graders are on a roll. They have been learning all about whole notes and dotted half notes. They continue working on identifying, writing, reading and performing rhythms and are also working on reading and singing melody patterns using solfege. We started learning the song, Rainbow, by Kacey Musgraves. During one particular class period, the students tried singing it with just my piano accompaniment. I was very moved by their amazing singing. 4th graders also enjoyed learning the folk song, Over the River and Through the Woods and added instrument accompaniment using the temple blocks, whip, and sleigh bells.

Assistant Principal’s Message Hello Chambers Families!

Hello Chambers families!

I hope you had a wonderful snow day on Thursday. It turned UP into a gorgeous winter wonderland.


Monday, November 28, kicked off the start of our “Don’t be Tardy” challenge. To work on celebrating students here at school on time, ready to learn every day, we are working on a way to honor those students! We had our first raffle drawing today, which was a great success! Please stop by the office to see a photo of our winners with their prizes!


As a reminder, for December, teachers will be handing out raffle tickets for students showing the expected behavior of being at school in their seats by 8:15, ready to learn. Every Friday, we will draw raffle tickets for each grade level and have those students come to the office to select a reward! So make sure your students are here, on time, and ready to learn in your seat by 8:15 each morning so they can participate. That start time is 9:15 on late-start Wednesdays!


If you need support with attendance or tardiness, please get in touch with me to collaborate on a solution. Have a wonderful weekend, and thank you for another week of partnering together to ensure all students are successful!


Yours Truly,

Mrs. Vaughan


Chambers Primary PTA

Gratitude All Around!!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Book Fair and BelieveKids fundraisers. We raised over $5,000 for the library to purchase new books at the Book Fair. The donations to the Book Fairy supported 15 students to purchase books of their choice. The remaining funds were used to purchase books for Ms. Quay (school counselor) to provide to families at her discretion including for families to gift to Chambers students during the holidays. All the items have been delivered from the BelieveKids fundraisers and we raised over $9,000 for the PTA to support this year’s and next year’s budget (events, appreciation, and direct school support for field trips, supplies etc). We could not do what we do without you. We are loving the support we provide each other as a community. We hope you can take time this month to spread gratitude and kindness to Chambers’ staff that work hard every day to help educate and grow our children as humans. Most staff names are included on the Chambers website Staff Pages - Chambers Primary School ( Other staff include:

  • Recess: Mrs. Fairchild, Mrs. Gowda, Ms. Howard

  • Lunch: Miss Chloe, Mrs. Karim, Ms. Baringer, Ms. Johannessen, Ms. Reed

  • Custodians: Mr. Lewis and Mr. Phillip

Thank you to all the volunteers who have helped with PTA events this year. We have super gratitude to PTA member Sarah Bridges for organizing and managing the Book Fair, Grade Level T-shirts, and bringing back Popcorn day all in the month of November.

Look Back and Look Ahead for PTA Planning Please take a moment to complete this survey before December 16. We are here to support all Chambers families and want to be responsive to you. Your responses will help with planning the rest of 2023 and the next school year.

Multicultural Virtual Cooking Event: Sunday, December 11 th , 2022 at 11:00 AM

Chambers Primary PTA invites you to attend the first Virtual Cooking event. Please join us learning with Dijana to cook her family's favorite Vegan Butternut Squash soup. As we wait for the vegetables to cook in the oven, we will learn about Dijana’s family’s culture and read stories. We will have special guests from Ms. Van Soest as she plays music. Once the vegetables are done roasting, we will be ready to assemble the soup! You will be able to watch the live feed, or an email will be sent out to those registered with a recording of the event. We will also post a recording of the event on the Facebook Chambers PTA page after the event Please let call Ms. Quay at Chambers 253-566-5650 if you need any help with the cost of ingredients and the PTA will get them to you (see ingredients below) Video call link: or dial: (US) +1 601-398-9964 PIN: 728 284 819# Ingredients:

● Two bags of prepared butternut squash (usually looks like little cubes)

● One red or orange sweet potato (peeled)

● 2 sliced shallots

● 1 sliced large apple (peeled) or two small apples. Doesn’t matter the color

● 1 Tablespoon each (all ground) cardamom; cinnamon, cumin, paprika, ground ginger

● Approximately 1 cup of vegetable or chicken broth. It’s totally okay to make it from bouillon cubes or powder. Add more broth depending on your soup thickness preference.

● 1 can of coconut milk or 8oz of heavy cream

● Blender (or a strong hand and spoon)

Grade Level T-shirts Grade

Level T-shirt are back and will be coming home in the next couple of days. This year every Wednesday will be Grade Level T-shirt day!!!

● Midwinter Revels: We wanted to invite you to Join Chambers Primary PTA for an afternoon show of The Midwinter Revels on Sunday, December 18 th at 1:00pm. Expect music, stories, dancing, singing, celebration... Revels! This is not an official school event, but a fun way to get together. Set in 19th century Mexico - a swirling spirited celebration, a joyful, colorful, funny, tender, and magical event for all ages. Tickets can be purchased on their website. For families that want to go but need help with the cost of tickets, we have about 30 tickets that have been donated by the Revels. Please contact Ms. Quay at Chambers Primary at 253-566-5650 and request how many tickets you need for your family. The link to purchase tickets is below. If another night works for you, please do not feel obligated to choose the time we selected! Puget Sound Revels present The Midwinter Revels - Tacoma Arts Live

Popsicles and Play We are putting a hold on Popsicles and Play for the winter. We are always available at or if you want to talk about things going well in school, resource information, or struggles your child may be having. Our job is to speak on behalf of your child and advocate for them.

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