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March 27th, 2023 Principal Newsletter

Upcoming Events

  • March 29: Late Start 9:15 / Wear your grade level t-shirts / PTA Afterschool Playdate @ 3:30pm

  • April 3-7: Spring break (no school)

  • April 13: Kindergarten Registration Event 3:30-5:00pm at Chambers / Panda Express Fundraiser (code 913486)

  • April 20: 2nd Grade Music Performance 7pm (family and friends invited)

  • April 22: Paradise Pond Park Appreciation Day (9am to noon)

Click here to see our spirit days throughout the school year


Principal’s Message

We had an amazing time watching our 4th grade musical performance! Students were able to see the performance during the day and families came in the evening. We had a full house and it was so nice to all be together for this group of students’ first musical performance at Chambers. A big shout out to Mrs. Van Soest for the amazing work she does every day with all of our students


Kindergarten Registration Event: Thursday April 13th 3:30 - 5:00 at Chambers Primary

1.Learn about the Kindergarten Program

2. Receive Registration Support

3.Meet the Principal

4.See Kindergarten Classroom

Lost and Found (repeat): Our Lost and Found is located in the front entrance near the office. We have several coats and other items. Unclaimed items will be donated on 3/31. You are welcome to swing by before/after school or during the school day.

Yearbook Sales (repeat): 3/07 - 4/19. (Final quantity of yearbook sales must be received by Picvato by 4/19, after 4/19 the window to order more online will be closed.) You can order a yearbook by clicking the following link: Yearbook Sales - Chambers Primary

Assistant Principal’s Message

Hello Chambers families!

Thank you for another great week! I hope many of you were able to enjoy the 4th grade musical performance. It was a phenomenal show!!


As a school, we will continue to work to pursue our goal of having 95% of all students at school daily. This is in connection with the Washington State attendance laws (RCW 28A-27). I understand that many families have not experienced the Washington State attendance expectations due to the COVID-19 shut down. When schools were shut down and then reopened, the attendance guidelines were not enforced due to the contagious levels of COVID-19. As this school year reopened, and safety measures were loosened, the attendance expectations were re-established along with the expectation that all school districts follow those guidelines.

About ⅓ of our daily absences are related to illnesses, as reported by families. The other ⅔ of daily absences are the ones we are targeting to seek improvement on. I want to ensure families facing extended sickness feel supported and cared for. We can implement plans to help families that require accommodations for extended absences or medical accommodations for students with individual needs and concerns. If your student is sick, we understand when you decide to keep them home according to our UPSD policies. We understand that, on occasion, appointments have to be made during a school day, but we ask families to try and make those appointments outside the school day and take vacations during our designated breaks. As spring approaches, we enter the final stretch of our opportunity to influence academic gains. We want to ensure that every student can access rigorous academic instruction at every available moment.

Thank you to those families that have participated in attending meetings and kept up with communication around absences. I look forward to our continued growth and improvement.

Yours Truly,

Mrs. Vaughan

Chambers Primary PT

PANTS!!! The school nurse is in need of gently used and new Size 8, 10 and 12 pants. If you have donations please bring them to the school office.

After-school playdate: The next after-school playdate is March 29 330 to 530pm at Playground by the Sound (Chambers Bay Park). Hope to see you there and wear your grade level T-shirts. Snacks will be provided.

Panda Express Fundraiser: We have a Panda Express fundraiser on April 13. The fundraiser is nationwide for orders online with the code 913486. Share with friends and family. Chambers PTA will receive 28% of all sales that use the code. We will be using the funds raised for the annual gift to the school next year to pay for field trips, extra supplies, reading materials and fun potential things like the Eric Bode author visit.

Park Appreciation: Celebrate Earth Day by volunteering your time in UP's natural beauty. Join us and Drum Intermediate and Sunset PTA to help restore Paradise Pond Park. We will be picking up trash and building trails. We will be there from 900am to noon.

Rainiers Baseball Game on June 16

End the school year with a Rainiers baseball game with Chambers Primary community (last day of school). This year tickets will be purchased directly from the Rainiers. It will be a fun night of baseball, fireworks and great way to end the year. Purchase your tickets here:



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