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February 20th, 2023 Principal Newsletter

Upcoming Events

  • February 17 & 20: No School

  • February 22: Late Start 9:15 / Wear your grade level t-shirts / PTA Playdate at Chambers Bay playground 3:30-5:30pm

  • February 24: PTA Popcorn Friday (Volunteers Needed) 2022 -2023: Popcorn Friday - February 24th 2023 (

  • February 24: PTA Chuck E. Cheese Fundraiser 3-9pm

  • February 27: Registration for Kindergarten opens (

  • March 11: PTA General Membership meeting/Family Meet & Greet @Podworks

Click here to see our spirit days throughout the school year


Principal’s Message

A big shout out of thanks to all the parent volunteers that helped organize and operate the PTA sponsored Science Fair Club after school on Tuesdays over the last few months. We greatly appreciate your time and effort to provide an extended learning opportunity for students.

From the Science Fair Club: This past Tuesday, February 14th, we held our final Science Fair Club meeting for the school year. Over 30 kids from all grade levels at Chambers participated in a fun and exciting new science club that brought together adult volunteers and kids after school, once a week, to LEARN about science, DO a fun hands-on science demonstration, and work on individual or group science projects. Come see the project displays at the Chambers STEAM night on May 12th! Some projects will also be submitted to the Discovery Regional Science and Engineering Fair (DRSEF, and the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair (WSSEF, Our kids did an outstanding job exploring their curiosity and making new discoveries, and we are grateful to the adult volunteers and the Chambers staff who helped create this fun learning space


2023-2024 Student Registration: If you have a student that is going into Kindergarten, registration opens on February 27th. View more information on our district website:

Breakfast/Lunch Account: If you need to pay off a balance or add money to your student’s lunch account, you can do this online using the Family Access link on our website. Prepayment is strongly encouraged. You can also make payments with cash or check by having your student bring the payment into the lunchroom. If you have questions or need assistance with these, please contact our main office so we can support you.

Assistant Principal’s Message

Hello Chambers families! For students to be successful in school, they need to be in school. We are working to pursue our goal of having 95% of all students at school daily. The information below shows our progress toward that goal.

This week our social-emotional lessons have focused on having a growth mindset. A growth mindset means that you continue working and trying your best even when things are hard and may seem impossible. When we use a growth mindset, we can become smarter, embrace challenges, learn from our mistakes, and become inspired by the success of others. You can help your student embrace using a growth mindset in the following ways: The Brain Can Grow: Please remind your child that their intelligence is not fixed. Remind them that when things are difficult, their brain grows if they persist through the challenge. Each time they learn something new, their brain makes new connections. Your child needs to know this is possible. Model this and provide your student with examples in your real-life experiences. Help Your Student Change Their Dialogue: Your child’s self-talk, or internal monologue, greatly impacts their mindset. If they say, “This is too hard!” help them change that to “I can’t do this yet, but I will keep trying.” Give them the words to say when they are feeling defeated by modeling it yourself. Here are two stories students have read that connect to our theme of Growth Mindset. You can click on the book title to take you to a YouTube read aloud.


As we continue to support students with academics and behavior, thank you for having conversations with your students about the importance of following the school rules. We are working to ensure all students feel safe and successful at Chambers. We have seen an increase in students using unkind words and language, and I am asking for your partnership as we try to help students understand the power of their words. We are working to help students understand their words have power, and their words have weight, their words can make a lasting impact. Thank you for your partnership and collaboration! I hope you have a wonderful long weekend with your family and find some time to relax

Yours Truly,

Mrs. Vaughan

Chambers Primary PT

Popcorn Volunteers!!

We are looking for two more volunteers for popcorn day on Feb 24 from 10:00am to 11:30am. Help make this day delightful for the kids and volunteer during the school day!! 2022 -2023: Popcorn Friday - February 24th 2023 (


Chuck E. Cheese Fundraiser

We added a fun last minute fundraiser at Chuck E. Cheese on Feb 24 @ 3 to 9pm. The company will donate 15% of food and game purchases directly to the PTA. All you have to do is show up, mention you are with the PTA when you make a purchase, and have fun. There is no entrance fee. 4911 Tacoma Mall Blvd, Tacoma, WA 98409. Please contact if you would like assistance with transportation.

After School Playdate: When: Wednesday, February 22 at 3:30 – 5:30ish (other dates include March 29th, April 26, May 24) Where: Playground by the Sound located at Chambers Bay.

Join us for the second after school play date. Watch your kids with other kids from school and make your own connections. Keep the grade level T-shirts on so the kids can spot each other.

Nomination Committee for 2023-2024 PTA - We are looking for volunteers to join the nominating committee. In this role, you would support the process of finding PTA board members for next year (think: talk to people who you believe would be a good fit/strong voice for the community and see if they are interested!) For more information, please contact PTA President Tricia at

Black History Month This month for Black History Month we are honoring the theme, Black Resistance, by posting a few of the influential people on the PTA Facebook page. We welcome you to follow us and learn with us about these powerful people that have led the Black Resistance throughout history.

General PTA Membership Meeting/Family Meet & Greet Mark your calendars for the next general membership meeting on March 11 (Sunday @1215). The meeting will be at Podworks. There will be an area for kids to play and space for the adults to engage. Come enjoy snacks!!



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